Project Description


American Pharmacist Association – Academy of Student Pharmacists

“The mission of the APhA Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) is to be the collective voice of student pharmacists, to provide opportunities for professional growth, to improve patient care, and to envision and advance the future of pharmacy.””



APhA is a national umbrella organization for the pharmacy profession. Thousands of student pharmacists across the nation, through their respective school’s chapters, take part in patient care projects, gain leadership experience, and advocate for their future in the pharmacy profession. If you’re a student pharmacist, APhA has something for you.

APhA also hosts many opportunities to take on leadership roles to help you develop personally and professionally. From patient care coordinators, to state and national liaisons and delegates, APhA has the most opportunities to take up responsibilities and be part of the team.

APhA stands as a unifying voice for pharmacists, advocating for laws and legislation for our profession. As a chapter we also participate and do our part, both on the national and state level through the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association.


President: Emily Baker
Patient Care VP: Margaret Kronz
Patient Care VP Co-Chair: Emily Baker
Generation Rx: Jordan Frederick
Generation Rx Co-Chair:Christopher Evans
Generation Rx Co-Chair: Cristina Mazzocchi
Operation Diabetes: Yvonne Kariuki Raughley
Operation Diabetes Co-Chair: Erica Jackson
Operation Diabetes Co-Chair: Maria Peluso
Operation Heart: Sarah Mooney
Operation Heart Co-Chair: Tiffany Vuong
Operation Heart Co-Chair: Ashley Crandal
Operation Immunization: Miranda Ochs
Operation Immunization Co-Chair:
Operation Immunization Co-Chair:
Operation OTC Medication Safety: Tina Schuler
Operation OTC Medication Safety Co-Chair: Kiana King                                                Operation OTC Medication Safety Co-Chair: Zach Inman
Communications VP: Cassidy Tran
Webmaster: Joseph Cristello
PharmFlix Director: Ashley Charlesworth
Finance VP: Michael Coulter
Fundraising Chair: Mattie Follen                                                                  Fundraising Co-Chair: Minh Nguyen
Membership VP: Michelle Lipski
Conference Coordinator: Raylene Baum
Policy VP: Joseph Cristello
Policy Co-Chair: Debra Nye
International VP: Carla Ghannam
International Co-Chair: Reide Cooper